Sep 09 2008

Friendship can (and should) stretch only so far…

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First published on my old blog on 27/7/2005. 

I accept, when you’re “the peacemaker of Africa”, it might be a teeny-weeny bit more difficult to put your foot down when your nextdoor neighbour acts like a cowboy. 

But, really. Mugabe has gone too far with Mbeki. This China visit and the statements emanating from there, is too confrontational (and embarrassing) for Mbeki to ignore. 

Mbeki should withdraw his offer of a $1 billion loan if Mugabe gets money from China. Maybe even if he doesn’t get money from China…. 

If Mbeki turns the other cheek to his “friend” yet again, then one must conclude Mbeki hasn’t got the balls to do what he must do (should have done long ago), namely, get tough with the wild one from Zim.

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