Sep 10 2008

Finweek: Now for that vital next step

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First published on my old blog on 9/11/2005. 

The long-overdue “consolidation” of financial titles (and/or brands) in the Media24 stable was given a big boost (in the right direction) with the recent creation of the FIN brand. 

I’m sure all the titles involved in this “consolidation” will be awarded with positive developments on the reader and income fronts almost immediately. 

The next step is, of course, to also consolidate the daily financial news publications. Why the newspapers in the Media24 stable have resisted this obvious step, is a mystery to me. The separation of the financial news from the (general news) daily newspapers and consolidation in a single brand can only lead to bigger profits. 

(“Nicheing” is done everywhere…just not in the Media24 newspaper stable.) 

Let’s call it: FINBLAD – die nasionale sakekoerant in die Media24-stal. Or something to that effect. 

If FINBLAD is published by a separate legal entity, with it’s own management, but co-owned by the newspapers (to avoid a loss of income), it will be a win-win situation all around….also for the Afrikaans business news reader (who will get a better product.) 

But, of course, this will result in the loss of control over the business news by the editors of the daily newspapers. And this they don’t want… 

So, until the editors swallow their pride, the Afrikaans daily business news reader will have to be content with “second best” (behind the English business press).

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