Sep 10 2008

The Dream Team

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First published on my old blog on 10/12/2007. 

Come to think of it, should Ramaphosa “slip” into Mbeki’s chair in the way described below, South Africa might just be governed by the “Dream Team” soon. 

The “Dream Team” is Ramaphosa (as president), Manuel (as minister of finance) and Mboweni (as governor of the central bank). 

Under “the dream team” the following things will happen (to name just a few things): 
* crime will fly out the door;
* monetary and fiscal policies will continue exactly as before;
* the ANC will become a unified force again;
* big progress will be made with the supply of basic services (eg. water, electricity and housing) to the people;
* pressure will be put on Mugabe. 

Why? Because these 3 guys have business experience. They’ve heard businessmen complaining about crime 1,000′s of times around dinner tables in the past 10 years. They understand what crime does to business and an economy. 

In short, things will happen. Which can’t be said of the Mbeki era – the 10 years in SA’s history when nothing happened. Mbeki was the prime example of a leader who talked, but got nothing done. That this was so, will be clear for all to see once Ramaphosa had been in the chair for a few months.

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