Sep 16 2008

F&T: For the record

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First published on my old blog on 15/5/2008. Sadly, Deon Basson died on 13/8/2008. Also read under “Events”.  

It’s interesting how people’s views and assessments can differ. I read Deon Basson’s latest blogs this morning and was surprised to learn he (and a number of other good journalists) thought Gert Marais was a good editor for F&T.
I always had a different opinion of Gert as F&T editor. I thought he was bad for F&T and the real reason for the unrest/instability/unhappiness in the magazine’s editorial team over many years in the 90s. 

Maybe my opinion was an “unfair” one, because I always compared him to the editor before him – Salie de Swardt – who was miles better than Gert. In fact, in a different league. 

Be that as it may. Important thing is that the magazine seems to be doing well today (now called Finweek) and that the “unrest” of the 90s is no more.

In fact, it vanished almost overnight after Gert’s departure. All in all, it seems to be a much better place now than it ever was under the big G.

Here the paragraphs from Deon’s blog which I found interesting:

“In March 2001 Marais retired unexpectedly and prematurely. The editorial team was furious and ready to go to war. In a 2-page letter to Patricia Scholtemeyer, Media24’s chief executive: magazines, 14 members of the team didn’t mince their words when referring to the “incompetence and amateurish conduct” of the Naspers management.

“Among the signatories were Van der Kooy, Rikus Delport (who became editor four months later) and current editor Colleen Naudé. I didn’t sign the letter because I was not an employee at the time and merely held an agreement with the two magazines.”

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