Sep 16 2008

Yet another Mbeki-caused problem

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First published on my old blog on 17/5/2008. 

Everyone who is anyone in South Africa is now denouncing the attacks on the Zim citizens in Alex and one report today even said the Zim’s who have been “displaced” will be resettled. 

Lot’s of “meeting and talking” is going on, but not once have I heard anyone say: Let’s just remember for a moment that these Zim’s are temporary residents in our country; they are refugees; they are not here with legal papers, and have been given a temporary home until such time as Cowboy Mugabe is no more. 

So, they are temporary citizens of Alex and Diepsloot and (1) cannot buy homes from anyone (2) settle here permanently (3) stay without papers longer than is really necessary. 

Therefore, the locals can relax. These people will soon be away. No need to fight them. Much rather should we be nice to these refugees who have been forced to leave their country against their will – while they are our temporary guests. 

Is this not what should really have been said? It would go a long way towards defusing the situation. Why hasn’t it been said? Where is the leadership?

Or, is the SA government going to allow the reportedly 3 million Zim refugees to continue living in SA after the Mugabe problem has been solved? 

That would be absurd. It would be a public announcement to the rest of Africa that they may all come and live in the land of “milk and honey” – even without papers. 

Then it won’t be long before we see a full-on black-on-black war in SA’s townships. 

This is an important point. The citizens of SA expect their government to “protect” them from such an influx with proper policing of papers and passports. 

If the government doesn’t do it’s job, one can’t blame the Alex citizens for getting frustrated.

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