Sep 24 2008

Tradus, Tradera, Tradoria

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I came, I saw, I got rid of it.

The website of Tradus, the Swiss-based company bought by Naspers in March this year with auction platforms in 13 European countries, vanished from the airwaves recently. Internet users trying to access the Tradus portal, are redirected to Naspers.com, where the Tradus name is also “non-existent”.

Only place where one can still read about Tradus is here.

On the Naspers site Christian Unger, boss of Tradus, finds a place on the “Senior management” scroll, but is called CEO MIH-Internet Europe. No mention of Tradus. The Tradus word also doesn’t feature in the “brands list” on the Naspers site. Only Ricardo and a range of other brands owned by Tradus.

The following paragraph can be found in the 2008 Annual Report: “Following the acquisition, the Tradus group was divided into Eastern Europe and Western Europe. Eastern Europe will be known as the Allegro Group and Western Europe as the Ricardo Group, operating as independent companies.”

Again, nothing about the future of Tradus. 

So, it would seem Naspers has embarked on a “brand name” consolidation drive in Europe, which will see Tradus vanish from the radar screens and others move into the spotlight (for instance Ricardo in Western Europe).

Probably not a bad idea. Naspers won’t be “burning money” when it ditches Tradus – the company only changed its name from QXL to Tradus a few months before Naspers bought it (litte recognition value built up in the markets).

And, as a brand name for auction platforms, the word Tradus has its limitations. There are just too many similar brands around and the confusion potential too high. For instance, Tradoria (a German online shopping mall) and Tradera (an auction platform owned by eBay in Sweden).

Better to get away from it – right from the start. Just a pity Naspers doesn’t tell shareholders what they are up to.

So, let me get on with some (paying) work on my Trados translation software…

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