Oct 09 2008

Tradus is Tradus no more

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Last year it was called QXL, early this year it was known as Tradus, and now it is known as MIH Internet Europe. And consists of two divisions, or “groups”, namely the Ricardo Group (operates in western Europe) and the Allegro Group (operates in eastern Europe).

No more Tradus…the name doesn’t exist any longer, and that’s official. Confirmed all the way from MIH Internet Europe HQ in Zug yesterday. Also read this article on the topic of company names and trademarks.

Other news out of Zug: Vatera.hu will stay Vatera.hu and not change to Allegro.hu and the management team of Vatera.hu, the Hungarian auction platform bought by MIH last week, will stay on, said Christian Unger, CEO of MIH Internet Europe.

MIH Internet Europe operates auction platforms in 13 EU countries, including Allegro.pl (number one in the Polish market) and Ricardo.ch (number one in the Swiss market).

MIH is not present in the very big German market. In 2002, long before MIH became involved, the auction platform Ricardo.de withdrew from the German market, after eBay had completely overwhelmed it.

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