Oct 14 2008

SABMiller to benefit from huge Rumanian thirst

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Per capita consumption of beer has soared in Rumania since the mid 90s and is expected to continue climbing. London-based beer brewer SABMiller benefits from the huge Rumanian thirst. 

SABMiller owns the Ursus Breweries in Rumania. According to Stephan Maria Weber, chairman of Ursus Breweries, per capita beer consumption in Rumania tripled between 1996 and 2007 to 89 litres and will rise by 3-4% per year in the next five years to 110-115 litres. 

In other words, Mr. Average Rumanian will have gone from drinking about 30 litres of beer in a year to drinking 115 litres. The Rumanian economy has been ticking over well lately, pushing up buying power and opening new horizons for many citizens. Let’s hope the majority wants to do more with their newfound financial freedom than down the next Ursus.

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