Oct 29 2008

Stormhoek goes on attack in UK

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Origin Wines, new owner of the Stormhoek range of wines (among others) will go on the attack in the UK with a range of marketing and other measures aimed at elbowing the brand into the Top Five biggest-selling SA wines in that country.

The UK campaign, which is part of a global campaign, will be launched late in November and Origin Wines expects Stormhoek to be in the Top Five sometime next year, reports the website Talking Drinks.  

Unfortunately, I don’t know which SA wine brands are currently in the Top Five – a Google search didn’t do it for me. (Maybe someone can help me here…?) 

Stormhoek went through a turbulent period earlier this year when its owner, UK wine importer Orbital Wines, went belly up and SA bottler Origin Wines beat off 20 bidders to become the new owner.  

After a change in packaging and the appointment of winemaker Adi Badenhorst, Origin Wines is now ready to take Stormhoek sales a notch higher.

Bernard Fontannaz, CEO of Origin Wines, said blogs and “online conversations” will be in the mix of the PR and marketing campaign. It won’t be the first time the internet is used to promote Stormhoek. In fact, the brand has gained an enormous amount of international awareness in the past three years thanks to clever, on-going online marketing and the use of blogs.

For a taste of its clever use of online promotions to build worldwide awareness, go to the Stormhoek website. The website was a eye-opener to me, first time I visited it. Instead of wine-talk left, right and center, as one expects from a wine website, the talk here was of twitter, podcasting, Facebook and “WordPress weekends”.  

According to Platter 2007 Origin claims “no South African wine is ‘googled’ more than Stormhoek”. If all goes according to plan, it’ll soon also be one of the most-quaffed wines in the UK.

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  1. Jimon 21 Jan 2009 at 1:15 am

    Does your “clever use of online promotions” include your marketing strategist – Hugh Macleod of Gapingvoid.com – airing his less than complimentary views about the British economy and the way we do business in the UK on Twitter? Quotes:

    “Reading the news, watching the British economy tanking. Had that nation valued me more when I lived over there, I’d be more sympathetic.”

    “I am SO DONE with the whole British self-loathing thing, you have no idea. Just slows EVERYBODY down”

    “The British appreciated me fine at the pub. But when it came to paying me what I was due $$$$, they were pretty weak, IMHO”

    “My way of creating wealth doesn’t gel with the fear & loathing, class-obsessed envy thing you Brits do so well”

    “The UK gave me a great education, great friends and great experiences. But their overall business culture I find kinda creepy.”

    “I don’t leave West Texas unless somebody’s paying me. I don’t go to Britain unless somebody’s paying me double. Crude but effective”

    I’ll think twice before buying your wine when I see it in the shops over here thanks.

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