Oct 30 2008

eBay-for-big-boys born and built in SA

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Plusto.com, an interesting auction platform best to be described as an eBay-for-big-boys, opened its global web doors about a week ago. Ten days later not much is happening on it still, but that is set to change soon.

The first global industry auction has been scheduled for 10 November and that’s when things should start cooking. 

Plusto.com is a business-to-business trading platform offering the range of transaction types (auction, fixed-price selling, Dutch auction etc.). The idea behind it is that companies the world over sit with excess stock from time to time, which they simply cannot get rid of in their known markets to their existing client base. (For a 13-page description of what Plusto can do and to whom, click on Press Centre at the bottom of the home page and then click on Media Briefing.)  

Plusto now gives these companies the opportunity to sell their excess stock on a global platform, for a small commission. An easy-to-use online calculator quickly calculates for the bidder how much he’ll have to fork out in shipping, taxes and other costs to get the steel, cement, fruit, or whatever he considers buying on the portal, to where he resides in the Artic Circle.

The global B-to-B trade portal is the brainchild of the 35-year-old South African Adriaan Gie, who is also CEO of Plusto.com. Two of the four-man executive team are South African, one is British and one Irish. As far as I can make out, Plusto has offices in Ireland and Cape Town. 

The CEO said he plans to get Plusto listed by 2010 and he declared that on the site even before the portal went on air. Clearly: Thinking small is somewhere else. (I’ve always wanted to be like that.) All the more reason to follow the progress of this exciting SA-born global project, best to be described as an eBay-for-big-boys.

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