Oct 31 2008

Naspers rethinks, releases statement on Unger

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After telling me yesterday there will be no press statement on the departure of Christian Unger, CEO of MIH Internet Europe, and the appointment of Hein Pretorius as his successor, Naspers today released a statement.

Unfortunately, it was a very badly written statement. For instance, Unger was quoted as having said: ”With Hein Pretorius I am pleased to appoint an experienced successor with great leadership and online expertise.”

Well, now. I haven’t heard yet of a CEO who resigns and then appoints his successor.

I’ll lay my cock on a block it didn’t happen like that. Mensch, Meyer! Who writes these bad press releases for Naspers? 

And then this line: “I am looking forward to this challenge, and I am confident that within the activities of Naspers and Ringier there are many interesting opportunities, especially since both companies are active in the dynamic media markets of Western and Eastern Europe,” Christian Unger comments. 

What is Unger saying here? That he will try to find ways Naspers and Ringier can work together? Quatsch. That’s not the message I got from Naspers yesterday.  

But, apart from the content of the press release, what about MIH Internet Europe’s initial decision NOT to release a statement on Unger’s resignation. No doubt, that was a mistake. At the level of CEO one would expect a press statement – at least in German-speaking countries where this is par for the course.

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