Nov 18 2008

Sol’s take on the financial crisis

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SA hotel magnate Sol Kerzner is about to open his magnificent “billion-dollar baby” (a hotel called Atlantis) in Dubai with a party which will cost him £40 million. 

As can be expected, with the world economy as it is, Kerzner is being criticised for his “extravagance at an inappropriate time”.  

Here is his take on the financial crisis and the criticism.

From TimesOnline: “With the world facing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, critics say spending so much money on “a bit of fun” is in spectacularly bad taste. Kerzner shakes his head: “It’s not just about a party. We’re building an icon. And if we can have fun on the way, great. When times are bad, people need to escape even more.”

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