Dec 09 2008

SA business people no angels, says TI

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That South Africa’s business community counts among the more (note: only more, not very) corrupt business communities when it comes to doing business abroad, was not the most interesting part of the Bribe Payer Index (BPI) released by Transparency International (TI) in Berlin today.

More interesting was the company SA’s business community keeps. And which countries are even more corrupt.   

Transparency International asked just over 2,700 senior business executives from the world’s 22 wealthiest and economically most influential countries how often, in their experience, firms engaged in bribery when doing business abroad.

South Africa’s business community was judged to be the ninth most corrupt of the 22 countries – pretty much in the middle of the field. Russia was voted most corrupt and Belgium and Canada the least corrupt. 

More important was that all the BRIC countries (the growth countries of today and tomorrow) were way below South Africa on the ranking – as the most corrupt bunch. Brasil (17th position ), Russia (22), India (19) and China (21) were the worst offenders, South Africa, Taiwan and South Korea hogged together in the middle region, while European countries dominated the “most honest” positions on the ranking. 

Also interesting: South Africa’s business community is not much “dirtier” than the “holier-than-thou” bunch from the US.

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