Jan 28 2009

A400M problems hit parts suppliers in SA

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The problems encountered by Airbus Military with the A400M (it is overweight and lacks carrying capacity), have pushed back the delivery date of the new military aircraft by about three years. This is a double whammy for South Africa, because it is both a client and a supplier of parts to the A400M project.

Defenceweb.co.za described the setbacks as follows: Aerosud programme director Rob Jonkers said the delay would impact suppliers to the programme, including his Centurion-based business. (Read here about Aerosud’s involvement.) 

“Yes, there is a fallout and it affects the entire industry,” he said, adding that it was not clear yet exactly how they will be affected.  

Jonkers said the aircraft is still in its development phase with Aerosud “still supplying components for the proto-types and complete development for the various versions.

“Most our components are to be fitted late in the build, thus we potentially will only see the effects later. We are negotiating with the A400M team to re-allocate milestones and contractual deliverables. For now production is on hold till further notice,” Jonkers said.

Lt Gen Carlo Gagiano, chief of the South African Air Force, said he was concerned about reports that Airbus’ military transport programme is facing delay and added he hoped the A400M Loadmaster programme could be brought back on track. SA has placed an order for eight A400M’s at a cost of R7.4 billion, with delivery to start from 2010. This date was now in jeopardy. 

Earlier this month Airbus chief executive Tom Enders said the current organisational and contractual structure of the A400M programme was a “recipe for disaster” and the first planes would only be delivered three years later than planned.

Read the full Defenceweb story here.

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  1. adminon 27 Feb 2009 at 4:48 pm

    A report on the problems were released yesterday. Here is the link.

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