Feb 13 2009

Will Mobile 3.0 take a second bite at the apple?

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Germany is adamant that it wants DVB-H mobile television and has started looking around for investors again. The big question is: Would Naspers and the other Mobile 3.0 consortium members take another bite at the apple, if the “Rahmensbedingungen” (rules of the game) were more favorable and pre-defined?

You will remember Mobile 3.0 failed to get mobile television going in Germany and handed its license back at the end of last year. Later it transpired the episode cost Naspers around R500 million.

But, Germany still wants mobile television. According to an article on the RapidTVnews.com, the DLM, umbrella group of Germany’s media authorities, has created a special committee “to evaluate interest amongst potential investors”.

“The committee will determine whether business models exist which might enable investors to finance their investment. The media authorities can, however, only set the framework conditions,” said DLM chairman Thomas Langheinrich. “The impulse and interest as well as the concept must come from market players.”

Now, now. The question is: Will Mobile 3.0 approach the DLM with a new business model? After all, the DLM might just lay “framework conditions” down, which are interesting to the Mobile 3.0 consortium. And might just support a Mobile 3.0 business model, which includes the mobile network operators. Might… 

“Concerning the working committee’s key tasks Langheinrich explained: “We need to determine which business models will be received positively by the market and whether participants are prepared to invest. We also have to consider whether risks should be jointly carried, for example whether transmitter network operators should also make a financial contribution.” 

(Mmmm, that sounds interesting!)

For the full article, including a nice, short summary of what went wrong with Mobile 3.0′s attempt, go here

Of course, one doesn’t know whether bridges were burnt and how badly, but it might just be possible for the Mobile 3.0 consortium to get something going with Germany’s mobile phone network operators the second time around (they effectively killed Mobile 3.0′s attempt off last year), with the DLM as intermediary and/or facilitator and clearly formulated “Rahmenbedingungen”. 

Unlikely, but not impossible.

Who volunteers to ask Naspers that question?

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  1. adminon 13 Feb 2009 at 12:36 pm

    Also read this article for the latest in The Netherlands concerning mobile TV. And read the articles below it on Naspers.

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