Nov 11 2010

Not long now…Schäuble on way out

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On 31 May this year I wrote: Today I want to be the first to say that Germany’s highly-respected and much-liked minister of finance Wolfgang Schäuble doesn’t have what it takes to be the minister of finance of the biggest economy in the EU. And that he won’t survive in that position until the end of 2010.

Read my full story titled “A job too big for Schäuble” here.

In the weeks and months after that “radical forecast”, Schäuble “proved me right” still a few more times. His health (or lack thereof) also didn’t quite help him stay on top of his demanding ministry – he was in hospital for long periods with an earlier operation wound which apparently was slow in healing.

Last week he revealed yet again under what pressure he is to stay abreast of  all that is happening around him, when he castigated his pressman at a press conference in front of running cameras. The resulting video clip has since become a big hit on YouTube and the pressman has resigned, although the Financial Times Deutschland reckoned the issue which had caused Schäuble to erupt on the press conference was of his own making – and not the pressman’s.

Here is the video:

Schäuble goes bonkers

So, it’s quite clear now that Schäuble is a drag on government. That Angela Merkel has been patient with him for so long, is “cute” on the one hand, and hugely irresponsible on the other.

My guess is she’ll move to get rid of Schäuble soon. Of course, the announcement will come from him and it’ll look like the decision was his. In reality, he would have been pushed (albeit gently…he is still a much-loved public figure).

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