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Mar 31 2011

This is a true story

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Every blog about SA business people in Europe has to report this story.

It’s a true story about a man and a team. Check it out.

It’s the IAM story.

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Mar 31 2011

Born to lose

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I refer to this article I wrote on 14 July last year, when the share price of Naspers stood at R270. Earlier this month it broke through the R400 barrier. Since it has dropped down slightly. Still, most investors would be happy with a 48% gain in 9 months.

In the 14 July 2010 article I “suggested” the Naspers share price could be in for a nice climb. On 11 October (at R330) I said there was more in it (here). On 14 October (R361) I said there was still more in it. Now go to the Naspers site and click on the 1-year share price chart, and you’ll see no professional could have gotten his timing better than I did.

So, you made a lot of money? No. Not a cent. Why? Because I didn’t believe my own forecast. But, you’re so good at this, you are certain to see other opportunities soon? Wrong. This Naspers thing was pure luck. Sorry to say, but that’s how it is.

There’s more pain: when the Naspers share was at R25 in 2001 I had a few share options in an employee scheme. I gave them back when I emigrated to Germany in 2002. Only light in this tunnel: I can’t remember how many shares I had!


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Mar 30 2011

Of state-owned papers, the web and revolutions

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I get the impression South Africa is finally waking up to the internet. It took so long, I wrote the country off as “essentially non-digital” in 2009 (here and here). But, I might have been wrong – there may still be (digital) life down there after all.  [Read on]

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Mar 28 2011

Let us see the back of Schäuble

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Germany and the EU really can’t afford finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble one minute longer. He hasn’t got enough energy…the world is turning too fast for him. Yesterday’s election setback (from the perspective of the governing parties) has opened the way for Schäuble to announce his retirement from politics. Hopefully, he’ll take the gap. [Read on]

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