May 24 2011

And the Schäuble circus rolls on…

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Evidence that Germany’s finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble is not good enough for his job stacks and stacks. He threatens to pull Angela down, but she procrastinates and procrastinates. And the German media stubbornly refuse to see the problem for what it is. What a sad state of affairs. 

Schäuble’s “relative incompetence” (that’s when you are not good enough for the job you have given yourself out as capable of doing) reveals itself almost daily – and in ever different “Erscheinungsformen”. The form in which it revealed itself today is especially interesting, since it has to do with “information dissemination management”, which is an important part of every finance minister’s job.

About 10 days ago Schäuble started an unbelievable witch-hunt against the senior staff members in his ministry,  after information was released to the media which should not have been released and which embarrassed Schäuble and the German government. When the culprit refused to come forward (and I guess his colleagues banded up behind him against their monster boss), Schäuble got mean and threatened the perpetrator openly with legal action. At the time media reports described the atmosphere in the ministry and department as “icy”.

How the episode ended, I don’t know. It might still be unresolved. But, just a few days later Schäuble committed his own little information dissemination faux pas. According to today’s Financial Times Deutschland he stands accused by Philipp Rösler, the new minister of economics, of having revealed to the media what was said in confidence between Rösler and Schäuble during a recent dinner.

That’s a pretty bad thing to be accused of by a colleague. A case of gross mismanagement of information dissemination in my books.

And so Schäuble’s “communication circus” rolls on…first he humiliates his PR man in front of rolling cameras for something no-one really understood, then he struggles for 4 months to find a replacement, then he starts a witch-hunt against his own staff which is reported far and wide, then he himself lets information slip out which should not have slipped out…

Please Angela, the man is pulling you down. Ask him to go.



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