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Jun 22 2011

Germany wants YOU

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Calling all machine engineers, electro-engineers and doctors in South Africa: Germany wants you and has removed all legislative hurdles to get you here.

You don’t have to speak the language. Simply apply for jobs you see advertised online, and your application will get “equal treatment”. Until now German employers were obliged by law to prove to the state they couldn’t find suitable candidates on the German market, before they were allowed to appoint foreigners. This requirement has now been lifted for machine engineers, electro-engineers and doctors. More job categories will be announced later.

For more about this “opening up” of the German job market, read more here.

I’ll gladly help you find jobs to apply for – just drop me a line at manager (at) creativenglish (dot) de. I’ll scan the relevant media for you and alert you about appropriate jobs advertised.

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Jun 21 2011

Bankers – the enemy within

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This post is about senior managers in financial services institutions around the world. Or, bankers and banks, as the media lazily call them. In “normal times” that would have been no problem. But, times are not normal and in the unstable, dangerous, post-economic crisis times we live, it is important to be very clear about who pushed us over the edge in the first place. [Read on]

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