Aug 03 2011

Journalism rises from the grave

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Many people (even many journalists) may not have realized yet, but journalism as a career died about 10 years ago. Whether you are a journalist who realized this, or one who didn’t, I have good news for you: journalism is making a comeback. 

It’s early days, still. But, if you were 10 years late at picking up the downtrend, that doesn’t mean you have to be slow again at recognizing the rebirth of this exciting career. You probably won’t benefit from this revival, but your son, or daughter in high school, or university might.

Now, come to the point…what makes you say this?

Here is why I say journalism as a career is about to be reborn. The company pioneering the rebirth for your son/daughter is a German media company – the second biggest media group in Germany. What it is doing, should have been done long ago. And will be done by all (I am sure) ten years from now: A career rises from the grave!



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