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Sep 16 2011

Yesterday’s man

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If there is one topic which shows off German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble’s limitations, it is his idea of a financial transactions tax. He thinks it will change market behavior and inhibit speculation. Heh-heh, think again.

It is also the one issue which gets me worked up about this mediocre minister of finance the most (of many issues).

Can’t you take a hint, Mr. Schäuble? When no-one outside western Europe thinks it’s an idea worth pursuing, why do you continue to hang on to the silly tax? Forget it.

Europe desperately needs a proper German minister of finance. Come on Frau Merkel – do what you have to do.

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Sep 14 2011

What EU can learn from South Africa

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German newspapers are full of articles on what might happen to the Greek economy should the country default on its debt and leave the EU. This is a good thing, since Greece will default sooner or later. What I find lacking, however, is that no-one studies the past for lessons on what Greece could/should do before and after the inevitable happens. [Read on]

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Sep 13 2011

Dying to tell the truth

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We all know journalists live dangerously in parts of Africa (as elsewhere). It ain’t anything to chuckle about, but I just had to smile when I saw the pay-off line (slogan) of this Ugandan newspaper.

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