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Jul 26 2012

It’s to weep for, babe

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Talk, talk, talk. And nothing happens. That’s the trademark of the South African government. Since I came to Germany 12 years ago, Germany has gone through 4 nationwide broadband-technology updates. Every time the web got faster and cheaper. In this 12-year period SA didn’t get any infrastructure update. Today they’re still promising, and South Africans are still waiting.

Despite the economic growth and jobs the internet could bring. Read the latest views and estimates of the World Bank on that point (here). Then weep.


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Jul 25 2012

The big announcement out of Brussels

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The pressure is building again around the Euro and Euroland. But, this time the response is different. This time there’s no talk of another summit and another massive “Rettungspaket” for countries and/or banks. This time a different wind is blowing around the capitals of Europe.  [Read on]

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Jul 06 2012

Incorrect notions about the Germans

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A few incorrect notions have been making the rounds in the media – about Germany’s “financial strength” on the one hand, and its “desire to control everything and everyone in Europe” on the other.  [Read on]

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