Aug 29 2012

SA losing the internet race

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South Africa is losing the internet race on the continent of Africa, thanks to the SA government’s inability to get fast internet to the masses at reasonable prices.

As I’ve said before, this is not an insignificant failure. The internet can generate lots of growth and jobs for the country. Look for instance at this research by the World Bank. Also read this article of mine on the topic.

In the latest issue of The Economist, probably the best magazine in the world, they wrote about the positive influence of the internet on the Kenyan economy. This is a story worth reading. If only to be reminded again of what South Africa and its people are missing out on.

I placed the complete article in a PDF. Please click here: The Economist. (If you get an error, which is likely, then click again, on repeat, that is.)



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  1. adminon 30 Aug 2012 at 8:42 am

    According to the website PropertyPortalWatch.com, this is how the countries on the continent of Africa measure up when it comes to the internet:

    “With over 45 million internet users, Nigeria has more than twice the number of Egypt’s 21.6 million internet users and far more than the 6.8 million internet users in South Africa. By the way, South Africa is not the No. 2 in Africa, behind Nigeria. Morocco is No. 2 with 15.6 million, Kenya No. 3 with 10.5 million, and only then South Africa slots in at No. 4.”

    Comment: That ranking as measured by users, which is a factor largely determined by the government of a country. When measured by internet entrepreneurship, South Africa is way ahead of the pack, with world-leading private sector companies such as Naspers (a factor not controlled by government), showing everyone what the internet can do.


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