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Sep 19 2012

Marikana article: trick or treat?

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The Marikana wage saga in South Africa has a new, very interesting (if not scary) dimension: it seems as if vital background information on Cyril Ramaphosa’s role might have been leaked non-nonchalantly on September 5, in the form of a comment below an article on Politicsweb.co.za (here).

The comment was supposedly written by Arthur MacKay, a guy who calls himself an “analyst of global economic and political issue”. It looks like a rip-off of the mining journalist we all know, called Dave McKay, of Miningmx.com fame.

The comment (copied here) is worth a read. Even though the nagging feeling remains that we’re dealing here with a Marikana insider trying to “piepie” on Ramaphosa’s fire.

Is this South Africa’s version of the Prophet Mohammed film trick?

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