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Apr 29 2013

When the going gets tough – a rejoinder

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Many years ago I wrote about the high regard I have for people who “get going when the going gets tough”. Then I mentioned I get goose bumps every time I observe someone “getting going” when he has to.

For what I mean with “getting going when the going gets tough”, read my first post.

Yesterday I had another one of those goose-bump moments. This time my 12-year old daughter was responsible. I thought I should honor her achievement by shortly relating the story.   [Read on]

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Apr 24 2013

When good people are powerless

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What a mess South Africa has become. What a sad, disappointing mess….

That’s all one can say after reading this report (and specifically the comments of the citizens below the story).

For someone sitting outside and looking in, the situation gets doubly sad when I notice how “desensitized” the good people (99% of them are good) have become after so many years of so much crime.

Powerless to change anything, they do the only thing they can in their situation – look the other way…pretend nothing has happened.

I cry for you, my beloved country.


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