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TheBigPond is edited out of Stuttgart, Germany by ex-South African journalist Christo Volschenk**, who noticed a lot of news made by SA firms and business people in Europe is never reported in the South African media.

This blog attempts to fill some gaps, while steering clear of stuff published by SA’s mainstream media (as far as this is possible).

The blog started life in a slightly different format in 2005 at www.myblog.de.

Many of the almost 250 posts on the old blog were imported into TheBigPond in August/September 2008. They can still be read on the old blog.

A tip on reading the blog: As is customary on the internet, my stories are filled with links to other sites. Navigating between sites has become 100% more efficient and almost 100% faster (yes!) with Google Chrome. Download it here.


** See where I come from here , what my ancestors lived through here and why I’m a pure mixed-blood here.

Go to my Xing profile here: Christoffel Volschenk


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