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Jul 11 2013

Of bankers, grey men and grey suits

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On October 6, 2008 I wrote  (here) under the headline “Cowboy capitalism is dead” that we’re heading back to the 1950s and 1960s, when bankers were “grey men in grey suits”, earning little more than the local school teacher. [Read on]

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Apr 29 2013

When the going gets tough – a rejoinder

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Many years ago I wrote about the high regard I have for people who “get going when the going gets tough”. Then I mentioned I get goose bumps every time I observe someone “getting going” when he has to.

For what I mean with “getting going when the going gets tough”, read my first post.

Yesterday I had another one of those goose-bump moments. This time my 12-year old daughter was responsible. I thought I should honor her achievement by shortly relating the story.   [Read on]

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Nov 22 2012

A career rises from the grave – a revisit

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In Germany newspapers and news agencies are closing down now at the rate of almost one per week. Today it was the turn of Financial Times Deutschland (FTD), my favourite local business daily. As a subscriber (2002 till the end) I was convinced the FTD was a far better read than the “mother paper” Financial Times on the island.  [Read on]

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Aug 10 2012

Extra dividend boosts Naspers’ acquisition kitty

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According to German blog Mydividends.de Mail.ru, Russia’s biggest internet firm (in which Naspers holds a 29% stake) sold (some, or all) of its Facebook shares to pay an extraordinary dividend of $3.80 U.S. per share. In total $795 million U.S. will be paid out to shareholders on Aug. 17.

Then Naspers’ “acquisition kitty” will be roughly $231 million fuller. Not bad.

Here is the report of Mydividends.de and here the official press statement of Mail.ru. Note: the official statement doesn’t mention the Facebook sale.

Not known, is whether Mail.ru sold all or just some of its shares in Facebook and at what price Mail.ru sold. Before this sale, Mail.ru held 2.33% of all Facebook shares.

Mail.Ru Group also (still) holds 21.35% in QIWI, 39.99% in Russian social network “VKontakte”, 1.41% in Zynga Game Network Inc., 4.63% in Groupon Inc. and smaller stakes in a number of small Russian and Ukrainian internet companies.

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Aug 02 2012

At last, at last…

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At last someone in Germany has seen finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble for what he is: not good enough for the job.

This article appeared in the Financial Times Deutschland this morning under the headline: Schäuble – a disappointment

The second head reads: That Schäuble is one of Germany’s best-loved ministers, is unjustified. In reality, his record is disastrous in the 4 main areas of his responsibility.

It was written by Marie-Christine Ostermann, national chairperson of the association Die Jungen Unternehmer.

I rest my case…


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Jul 25 2012

The big announcement out of Brussels

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The pressure is building again around the Euro and Euroland. But, this time the response is different. This time there’s no talk of another summit and another massive “Rettungspaket” for countries and/or banks. This time a different wind is blowing around the capitals of Europe.  [Read on]

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Jul 06 2012

Incorrect notions about the Germans

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A few incorrect notions have been making the rounds in the media – about Germany’s “financial strength” on the one hand, and its “desire to control everything and everyone in Europe” on the other.  [Read on]

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Jun 12 2012

Interesting times we’re living in…

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The Euroland crisis is coming to a head. This week and the next few weeks will be very interesting. For a number of reasons. [Read on]

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