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Apr 29 2013

When the going gets tough – a rejoinder

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Many years ago I wrote about the high regard I have for people who “get going when the going gets tough”. Then I mentioned I get goose bumps every time I observe someone “getting going” when he has to.

For what I mean with “getting going when the going gets tough”, read my first post.

Yesterday I had another one of those goose-bump moments. This time my 12-year old daughter was responsible. I thought I should honor her achievement by shortly relating the story.   [Read on]

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Feb 18 2013

I’m famous…

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I know, I know. Behind every successful man stands someone who says he’s been at university with him.

But, I played squash with him. Team mates, even. That’s something else, man! I’m talking about Graham Mckay, No. 16 on Harvard Business Review’s list of 100 best-performing CEO’s in the world (here). Back in the 1980s. Johannesburg. For several seasons.

Yes, the competitive streak was evident on the squash court back then, in case you wondered. And he enjoyed a beer afterwards.

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Apr 18 2011

Big, getting bigger

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Big already, but destined to be bigger still. Probably much bigger. In the big pond. A product of Cape Town and (I think) Stellenbosch. Proof that Stellenbosch is more than rugby. And women. And wine. Making waves in the German media and in German concert halls. Now living in Munich: Stefan Temmingh.

This dude is great. Check out his (many) videos on YouTube. For instance, The Gentleman’s Flute and Vivaldi. Wow!

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Apr 10 2011

Living in Germany

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The “villa” I live in with my family here in Stuttgart was a single-family residence in the 1920s. After World War II it was re-built into 5 “Wohnungen” (flats) and the flats sold off. A few weeks ago an American family moved in below us. [Read on]

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Nov 11 2010

Not long now…Schäuble on way out

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On 31 May this year I wrote: Today I want to be the first to say that Germany’s highly-respected and much-liked minister of finance Wolfgang Schäuble doesn’t have what it takes to be the minister of finance of the biggest economy in the EU. And that he won’t survive in that position until the end of 2010. [Read on]

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Nov 23 2009

Johann reads Sake-Beeld

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Johann Rupert has had an amazing “run” in the media since the announcement last week that he’ll come back as CEO of Richemont early next year. I’ve written (see article below) about the dailies FTD and Handelsblatt, which both called Rupert “Africa’s Warren Buffett”. [Read on]

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Nov 03 2008

Mackay on Philip Morris board

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Behind every successful man stands 100s who say they were at university with him. I wasn’t at university with him, but played in the same squash team with him at a Johannesburg club between 1987 and 1990, when he was already managing director of South African Breweries. I remember Graham Mackay as a very competitive guy, with a lot of ball sense.

He obviously has a lot of business sense too. He’s been CEO of SABMiller, the world’s second biggest beer brewer, for a while. Now he’s also a member of the board of the world’s biggest cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris International

He accepted the invitation to join already in January. Back then he said he’d take up the position “later in 2008″.

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Oct 20 2008

Du Plessis non-executive director of Marks & Spencer

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UK retailer Marks & Spencer appointed Jan du Plessis, chairman of British American Tobacco, as a non-executive director. Du Plessis serves on the boards of a number of big companies, including Lloyds TSB and Rio Tinto. 

The website Retailweek referred to Du Plessis as a “heavyweight appointment”. Also read what I had to say about Jan du Plessis recently.

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