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Nov 06 2008

About Roger Dubuis, Anton and Johann

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Partnership was an important business form to the late great Anton Rupert. For instance, his Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) was a partnership in more senses than one – it was a partnership between the state and Rupert, and the SBDC entered into partnerships with small businesses it financed. I guess that’s also why the post-1994 version of the institution (when the state wasn’t involved any longer) was renamed Partners. [Read on]

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Oct 31 2008

Richemont fights the fight

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It’s one thing to own a trademark. Quite another to defend it. In the late 70s I worked in the trademark division of Rupert International in Stellenbosch, where we administered 60,000 trademarks for the Rembrandt Group of companies then still headed by the late, great Anton Rupert. [Read on]

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Oct 06 2008

BAT sells art

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I wonder whether this has anything to do with the fact that Anton Rupert isn’t around any more…

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