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Jun 11 2012

Blame it on the bankers: a rejoinder

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On the point that bankers are responsible for the Euro problems, and not politicians, or countries, here is some proof. It was published by the Financial Times Deutschland last week and was headlined “The drama only started with the financial crisis”.  [Read on]

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May 11 2012

That’s it…nationalise the banks

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I refer to the news that JP Morgan had gambled on the markets and lost billions of dollars. (For that amazing news go here - in German.) Now it must finally be clear to all that (1) the term “bank” should be redefined in bank legislation to exclude investment banking, asset management and all that is not core to the function of “oiling the cogs of the economic machine” (providing money, ie. credit) and (2) that these narrowly-defined banks should be majority-owned by the state as representative of the people.  [Read on]

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Dec 13 2011

Two days after the crunch-weekend…

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Before the crunch-weekend (BC) and after the crunch-weekend (AC) (read here). That’s how British commentators might still refer to the events of the past weekend. [Read on]

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Dec 07 2011

A crunch-weekend awaits the Brits

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News is that British Premier David Cameron will come out fighting at the upcoming EU Summit – for his banking sector. The Brits should hope Cameron is not too determined. If he is, he might end up administering his own political career and the U.K. economy nasty blows this weekend. [Read on]

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Jun 21 2011

Bankers – the enemy within

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This post is about senior managers in financial services institutions around the world. Or, bankers and banks, as the media lazily call them. In “normal times” that would have been no problem. But, times are not normal and in the unstable, dangerous, post-economic crisis times we live, it is important to be very clear about who pushed us over the edge in the first place. [Read on]

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