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Jan 28 2009

A400M problems hit parts suppliers in SA

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The problems encountered by Airbus Military with the A400M (it is overweight and lacks carrying capacity), have pushed back the delivery date of the new military aircraft by about three years. This is a double whammy for South Africa, because it is both a client and a supplier of parts to the A400M project. [Read on]

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Jan 19 2009

China allegedly steals Denel technology

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The German business world often complains about the theft of its patents and trade secrets by who they thought were their “partners” in China. Then they mount all kinds of efforts to get the Chinese government to tighten up on its protection of intellectual property rights.

This article about the theft and attempted theft of Denel’s military technology by China’s government, reminded me how thin the ice was on which businesses walk when they take their technology to a country where the boss is more corrupt than his “onderdane”.

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Dec 04 2008

The ammo we have…now for the pilots

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The ammo will be there. The pilots? Not so sure.  

The SA government asked two German companies to quote for high-tech ammunition for the 17 single-seat Gripen fighter aircraft SA had ordered from Saab in Sweden. 

Note that Rheinmetall is a German company (not Swiss, as mentioned in the article) and that Rheinmetall holds a majority share in Denel Munitions. Diehl is a German company based in Überlingen on the Lake of Constance. Given the link Rheinmetall has to Denel, Diehl is not likely to get this contract…

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Nov 14 2008

Not enough Gripen fighter pilots

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South Africa recently took delivery of 4 Gripen fighter aircraft from Swedish manufacturer Saab, but hasn’t got enough pilots (yet) to fly the monsters. Click here to look at the machines. You’ll see two pilots are needed to fly one aircraft. [Read on]

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Nov 05 2008

Denel close to export order for anti-armour missile

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Denel Dynamics is reported to be close to a breakthrough on the export market with its heavyweight anti-armour missile.

The company has been seeking export customers for its Mokopa heavyweight anti-armour missile, originally developed for the CSH2A Rooivalk attack helicopter. Jan Wessels, CEO of Denel Dynamics, says it may have found some.

“We are seeking export opportunities and are talking to a number of helicopter integrators including a European manufacturer who is in an advanced stage of considering us for one of their clients,” he said. 

Wessels could not be drawn on the identity of the client, but specialised defence optronics company Ansys recently reported it had won a R20 million subcontract from Turkish company Aselsan for equipment for Turkey’s attack helicopter programme. Late last year Turkey placed an order for Agusta A129 Mangusta helicopters in preference to the Rooivalk, the other helicopter on the shortlist. Ansys was part of the Rooivalk programme.

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Oct 31 2008

Denel Saab Aerostructures smells Airbus contract

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According to the web publication DefenceWeb, Denel Saab Aerostructures, the joint-venture between Saab of Sweden and Denel’s earostructures division, the duo is close to a deal with Airbus which could keep them busy for a few years. Denel is the state-owned remnant of Armscor, the arms manufacturer of the pre-1994 government in South Africa.

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Oct 20 2008

Denel Saab Aerostructures: For the record

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Just for the record (my records): Denel holds 80% of Denel Saab Aerostructures, but Saab has management control.

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Oct 14 2008

New owner of Denel Munitions moves house

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Rheinmetall Defence, one of Europe’s biggest suppliers of land forces weaponry and majority owner of Denel Munitions, has moved its head office to Unterlüss in the northwest of Germany, to be closer to NATO training bases and other military forces, Defense News reported. [Read on]

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