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Jun 24 2009

SA’s central position in clean car industry

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It’s official – South Africa will occupy a central position in the global car industry of tomorrow – the “clean car era”. Well, almost. And just in the heads of proud South Africans.

How then? After Daimler took a 10% stake in California-based e-car manufacturer Tesla Motors a few weeks ago, the US government yesterday awarded Tesla Motors a credit line of $465 million, thereby acknowledging that Tesla is an important player in the electric car world and urging it on to greater things.

If there was doubt before, there can be no doubt now (in my view) that Tesla will be a major player in the “clean car era” (which is to break in the next year or two).

You still don’t get it? Tusk was founded and is still managed by ex-South African Elon Musk (37). Read all about this “half-South African” here.

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May 20 2009

About “half-South Africans” Musk and Federer

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In my (slightly biased) view, the most important news item in today’s Financial Times Deutschland (FTD) was the 10% stake taken by Daimler in California-based electric car company Tesla, founded and managed by the ex-South African Elon Musk. [Read on]

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