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Jun 11 2012

EU in cul-de-sac: a rejoinder

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Have you noticed how quiet it has gone around the issue of growth stimulation in the European Union? After a few weeks of get-togethers between state representatives, which produced very little (actually nothing) in the form of ideas to stimulate the Club Med economies in the short term, the topic vanished from the radar screens in the past week or two. Why? Has the need for short-term stimulation evaporated? To the contrary. The economic situation in these countries is dire and getting more dangerous (also as far as political stability is concerned) by the day. So, why do the governments do nothing? [Read on]

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Oct 25 2011

One press release, two messages

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One of the things I like about journalism is that I can compare my interpretation of a set of facts (for instance, a press release) with the interpretation given to the same press release by other journalists – the competition, so to speak. I do that mostly to learn and improve my own interpretation skills. Sometimes, I can teach others.

As happened in this case: compare this article with this article.  And remember that the whole idea behind economic indicator reporting is that it should help the reader to look forward better.

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Sep 14 2011

What EU can learn from South Africa

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German newspapers are full of articles on what might happen to the Greek economy should the country default on its debt and leave the EU. This is a good thing, since Greece will default sooner or later. What I find lacking, however, is that no-one studies the past for lessons on what Greece could/should do before and after the inevitable happens. [Read on]

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Nov 30 2010

The end of the EU as we know it

I would have loved to write something on the Euro crisis today, but time doesn’t allow me. So, here is another “warm-up” – something I wrote earlier this year. Between May and September 2010 economists and governments all eagerly revised their growth forecasts for 2011 and beyond up. On 25 May 2010 (with the Greek tragedy still fresh in our minds) I wrote this: [Read on]

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Apr 28 2010

Something must change, said Fred

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I wrote this article in 2005 (for the original click here, then scroll five stories down). Today, it’s as relevant as all hell. So, I thought I’d “re-publish” it. Back then I mentioned the Italians by name and not the Greeks, or Portuguese, but in the context they were included. [Read on]

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