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Sep 16 2008

The sooner, the better (for SA)

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First reported on my old blog on 13/5/2008. 

A call for Mbeki to go came from an unexpected source yesterday – Helen Zille and the DA. Zuma is no-one’s dream alternative, but next to Mbeki, he’s a star. Just how bad Mbeki has been for SA, will be clear once he’s gone. In fact, Mbeki was for SA like Bush was for the USA – a disaster.  [Read on]

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Sep 08 2008

The African Renaissance revisited

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First published on my old blog on 10/6/2005. 

At last there is a scorecard out for president Thabo Mbeki! At last we can judge his judgement. His visionary talents. His insight. The scorecard comes from an impeccible source – the World Bank – and was published in The Economist this week.  [Read on]

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