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Aug 02 2012

At last, at last…

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At last someone in Germany has seen finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble for what he is: not good enough for the job.

This article appeared in the Financial Times Deutschland this morning under the headline: Schäuble – a disappointment

The second head reads: That Schäuble is one of Germany’s best-loved ministers, is unjustified. In reality, his record is disastrous in the 4 main areas of his responsibility.

It was written by Marie-Christine Ostermann, national chairperson of the association Die Jungen Unternehmer.

I rest my case…


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Dec 13 2011

Two days after the crunch-weekend…

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Before the crunch-weekend (BC) and after the crunch-weekend (AC) (read here). That’s how British commentators might still refer to the events of the past weekend. [Read on]

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Sep 16 2011

Yesterday’s man

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If there is one topic which shows off German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble’s limitations, it is his idea of a financial transactions tax. He thinks it will change market behavior and inhibit speculation. Heh-heh, think again.

It is also the one issue which gets me worked up about this mediocre minister of finance the most (of many issues).

Can’t you take a hint, Mr. Schäuble? When no-one outside western Europe thinks it’s an idea worth pursuing, why do you continue to hang on to the silly tax? Forget it.

Europe desperately needs a proper German minister of finance. Come on Frau Merkel – do what you have to do.

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Aug 03 2011

Journalism rises from the grave

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Many people (even many journalists) may not have realized yet, but journalism as a career died about 10 years ago. Whether you are a journalist who realized this, or one who didn’t, I have good news for you: journalism is making a comeback.  [Read on]

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Jun 22 2011

Germany wants YOU

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Calling all machine engineers, electro-engineers and doctors in South Africa: Germany wants you and has removed all legislative hurdles to get you here.

You don’t have to speak the language. Simply apply for jobs you see advertised online, and your application will get “equal treatment”. Until now German employers were obliged by law to prove to the state they couldn’t find suitable candidates on the German market, before they were allowed to appoint foreigners. This requirement has now been lifted for machine engineers, electro-engineers and doctors. More job categories will be announced later.

For more about this “opening up” of the German job market, read more here.

I’ll gladly help you find jobs to apply for – just drop me a line at manager (at) creativenglish (dot) de. I’ll scan the relevant media for you and alert you about appropriate jobs advertised.

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May 24 2011

And the Schäuble circus rolls on…

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Evidence that Germany’s finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble is not good enough for his job stacks and stacks. He threatens to pull Angela down, but she procrastinates and procrastinates. And the German media stubbornly refuse to see the problem for what it is. What a sad state of affairs.  [Read on]

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Apr 10 2011

Living in Germany

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The “villa” I live in with my family here in Stuttgart was a single-family residence in the 1920s. After World War II it was re-built into 5 “Wohnungen” (flats) and the flats sold off. A few weeks ago an American family moved in below us. [Read on]

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Mar 28 2011

Let us see the back of Schäuble

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Germany and the EU really can’t afford finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble one minute longer. He hasn’t got enough energy…the world is turning too fast for him. Yesterday’s election setback (from the perspective of the governing parties) has opened the way for Schäuble to announce his retirement from politics. Hopefully, he’ll take the gap. [Read on]

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