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Sep 09 2008

Two hurdles Germany must clear

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First published on my old blog on 3/8/2005. 

I always thought for Germany the glass was half full. But, today I changed my mind. Now I think the glass is half empty. 

So what? Well, the first describes a positive frame of mind. The second a negative frame of mind. Big difference. In the world of economics – huge.  [Read on]

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Sep 08 2008

Why Köhler sings in the shower

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This article was first published on 3/6/2005 on my old blog

According to today’s edition of the Financial Times Deutschland (FTD) Bundespresident Köhler said it’s far from cut and dry that he will call for parliament to be dissolved and an early election to be called, in the event chancellor Schröder loses the confidence vote on July 1. Well, well. Either Köhler is a lesser man than I thought, or he is just playing to the crowd.  [Read on]

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