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Jul 04 2011

Richemont found lacking against peers

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A new performance ranking of companies in the luxury goods sector made the headlines in the German media this morning. The ranking isn’t very kind to Richemont. As a report card to CEO Johann Rupert it also isn’t particularly flattering.  [Read on]

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Nov 23 2009

Johann reads Sake-Beeld

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Johann Rupert has had an amazing “run” in the media since the announcement last week that he’ll come back as CEO of Richemont early next year. I’ve written (see article below) about the dailies FTD and Handelsblatt, which both called Rupert “Africa’s Warren Buffett”. [Read on]

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Nov 16 2009

Johann Rupert in the German press

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Both big German business dailies reported about the return of “South Africa’s Warren Buffet” (Johann Rupert) to luxury goods company Richemont as CEO this morning. Both were a bit “wobbly” when it came to the facts. [Read on]

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Mar 10 2009

It’s back to school for ‘old idiot’ Rupert

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According to the Financial Times the buy-out of Lehman Brothers Merchant Banking Partners (LBMB) by senior managers and SA industrialist Johann Rupert, edged closer this week.

Apart from the detail of the upcoming deal (Rupert will get 49% and the management team the rest of the new entity etc.), the FT article contained a few interesting Rupert quotes. Such as this one:

Mr Rupert told the Financial Times his investment was part of a strategy to diversify his holdings away from his Richemont luxury goods empire and to acquire assets that can “preserve capital” against inflation.

“I’m going to need to learn about merchant banking again and they are going to have to learn to have some old idiot like me who actually asks what they are doing,” said Mr Rupert (58), who worked for Lazard in New York in the 1970s.

O, how nice it must be to be able to “buy now, learn later”.

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Feb 17 2009

Johann gives Vinny a lot more dough

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The life of an online journalist sure is easy. I just received this “open letter” to the (roughly) one million registered users of the website Synthasite in my in-box. It came from the Synthasite boss Vinny Lingham. I publish his e-mail in full. [Read on]

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Feb 03 2009

Johann and Ralph are buddies

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You probably know which Johann I’m referring to – not too many “double-n’s” are around, anyway. But, I bet you can’t think who this damn Ralph is…

Yes, you got it: Ralph Lauren of Polo fame. 

According to this article the two are not just business partners – they are soulmates. Both are mad about quality. No, fine.

Here is some background to the partnership. And here some more.

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Nov 28 2008

The mystery which is Leopard’s Leap

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Another marketing mystery from the Rupert stable, or not? This time I’m in the Cape winelands, where it was announced the wine brand Leopard’s Leap will sponsor the 11th annual British Independent Film Awards (BIFA) in London next week.  

Big event, big sponsorship, big brand. But, when one starts looking around on the web to find out where this wine comes from and who is behind it, it turns into a bit of a struggle. Nothing. This is strange. All the more so, because the marketing-savvy Rupert family is behind it (apart from the fact that the Rupert name also has some mileage for the wines in it). 

There’s a friendly, good-looking Leopard’s Leap blog, and even a page on Facebook. But, nowhere on the web could I find some basic info about the brand, such as: Where do the grapes come from, who is the winemaker, can one visit a wine estate to taste, who imports the stuff in the UK?

On the site of the International Wine & Spirit Competition, you are told Leopard’s Leap is produced by Historic Wines of the Cape. Again, nothing on the internet about this outfit. 

It was only when I looked in the Platter guide that I read it’s a Franschhoek wine, the farm is “part of the Rupert Family Vineyards” but is “closed to the public”, winemaker is Eugene van Zyl and the only way to contact the outfit is by e-mail and phone. 

This is clearly a brand-building exercise, which is what SA wine exports need (big volume brands the Germans can pronouce and remember and which will be on store shelves everytime they go shopping), but why this gap in the marketing effort? Should Leopard’s Leap not get a “home” in the Cape winelands, where tourists can taste, and a website? Like, for instance, Golden Kaan has in Robertson. 

I think to sponsor the BIFA (for the 2nd year running) without a “home in the Cape winelands” and without some basic info on the internet, is to “span die bemarkings-wa voor die bemarkings-perde”.

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Nov 21 2008

Comparing the richest of Africa and Germany

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I first published a list of Africa’s 10 richest people on my old blog on 11/7/2008. The recent publication of a list of Germany’s 300 richest (in MANAGER Magazin) made me think of this top 10 list for Africa again. So, I decided to republish it on my new blog – with a few comparisons between Africa’s richest and Germany’s richest.

First, the article as it was published on my old blog… [Read on]

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