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Oct 21 2008

KWV in German petrol station shops

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Here’s another shortie in the You-know-you’ve-made-it-when series.

A South African wine exporter knows he’s made it, when his wine appears on the shelves of petrol station shops in Germany. This has happened to KWV’s Golden Kaan recently. 

Yes, now you can sip KWV red wine from a plastic cup, while rocketing down a German Autobahn at 220 km/hour. 

Traditionally, South African wines have (mostly) been absent from the shelves and menus of German shops and restaurants. With the exception of one, or two supermarket chains, where you could always (at least since 2001) find wines in the Nederburg range and wines bulk-exported and then bottled and marketed in Europe under strange names like “Overseas”, or Golden Kaan. Even your average corner wine shop doesn’t normally stock SA wines.

Admittedly, SA wines have become more visible on shop shelves of late (petrol station shops may not be what some had in mind for South African wines, but what the hell!), but the situation on menus remains as disappointing as ever.

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