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Sep 05 2013

Mail.ru to pay Naspers “special dividend” later this year

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Whoop-whoop. Some more cash on its way to Naspers….check this out and get ready for the next, big move.

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Jan 15 2013

Naspers on Top 100 list

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The Boston Consulting Group compiled a list of 100 firms which “may become world-leading companies in the next 10 years” and Naspers is one of them.

Five companies from South Africa made it onto the list. They are: Aspen Pharmacare, Bidvest Group, MTN Group, Naspers and Sasol.

German magazine DIE WELT published a neat little box with the companies from every country on 17 slides (here), so even English-speakers can read it.


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Nov 20 2012

Hopla! Good news for Naspers share

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Monetization of Tencent’s WeChat is on the way.

Check it out here: http://thenextweb.com/asia/2012/11/20 .

That should roll a few extra cents into Naspers coffers in coming years. Quite a few, I guess. Maybe even rands….millions and millions of them.

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Aug 10 2012

Extra dividend boosts Naspers’ acquisition kitty

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According to German blog Mydividends.de Mail.ru, Russia’s biggest internet firm (in which Naspers holds a 29% stake) sold (some, or all) of its Facebook shares to pay an extraordinary dividend of $3.80 U.S. per share. In total $795 million U.S. will be paid out to shareholders on Aug. 17.

Then Naspers’ “acquisition kitty” will be roughly $231 million fuller. Not bad.

Here is the report of Mydividends.de and here the official press statement of Mail.ru. Note: the official statement doesn’t mention the Facebook sale.

Not known, is whether Mail.ru sold all or just some of its shares in Facebook and at what price Mail.ru sold. Before this sale, Mail.ru held 2.33% of all Facebook shares.

Mail.Ru Group also (still) holds 21.35% in QIWI, 39.99% in Russian social network “VKontakte”, 1.41% in Zynga Game Network Inc., 4.63% in Groupon Inc. and smaller stakes in a number of small Russian and Ukrainian internet companies.

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Apr 04 2012

Why Naspers is a buy

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A big punt for Naspers: http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/644231-husky-financial/466131-why-naspers-just-may-be-the-best-kept-secret-in-the-global-equities-market

Comment: Remember, I’m no financial adviser. Secondly, good news that Yuri Milner is now at DST. Thirdly, just a pity about the Groupon stake in the Mail.ru portfolio. I’m sure Naspers doesn’t like that part.


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Jan 30 2012

Ringier to buy Zattoo?

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I recently wrote (here) Naspers should be looking to buy Swiss-based Zattoo.com, since it’s such a nice web TV solution. Zattoo could be a winner for Naspers in Africa, I thought, where it could be set up to dovetail (compliment) Naspers’ subscription TV service (which is going to come under increasing pressure from mobile TV, on a continent sold on mobile (and where smartphones and tablets are gaining ground fast). [Read on]

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Dec 13 2011

Zattoo: where Naspers should be?

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If Naspers still thinks European mobile TV is something it should be invested in, it really should be looking at Zattoo.com. Assuming Koos & Co. can (and want to) convince the board the R500 million loss of the last unsuccessful attempt to get into mobile TV in Europe won’t be repeated.  [Read on]

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May 31 2011

Tencent and Naspers get major write-up

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The Chinese internet concern Tencent, in which Naspers holds roughly a one-third stake, got a huge positive write-up in Financial Times Deutschland (FTD) this morning. [Read on]

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