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Nov 13 2008

Hot as hell: redespresso

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Most new products the world doesn’t need.

But, every now and then a product comes around, which hits one between the eyes when one sees it for the first time. And makes one think, “Now, why didn’t I think of that?”

I just had one of those “Ah-a” moments. The product is called redespresso.

It’s what the name says: an espresso-like drink made from Rooibos tea. It was developed by a South African entrepreneur and it’s sexy as all hell. Check it out on the link above. It’s available in Europe.

No doubt, it’ll be the “talk of the towns” around the globe in no time.

The product has already won two awards this year: It was voted Best New Product in the Specialty Beverage Category at the world’s largest coffee show organised by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and at the World Tea Expo held in Las Vegas in May 2008 redespresso was named one of the Top 10 Tea Products.

So, off to the site and order your test pack.

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