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Dec 14 2011

Has Windhorst done it to the Hersovs again?

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With a little luck it didn’t happen. Chances are, it did: Lars Windhorst might have lost money for the Hersov family yet again.  [Read on]

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Jul 11 2009

Hats off to Mr. Thickskin

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Only those who can take setbacks get somewhere.

Anton Rupert said it (on more than one occasion)…Mandela has said it. Not in those words, but something to that effect: When you are down, you must get back up and give it another go.

But, some people “torture” this life-truth somewhat. To the point where one can only shake the head in disbelief.

One example is Lars Windhorst, the German businessman who lost a hellavu lot of money for his “principal”, London-based Robert Hersov, in recent years. Read all about those losses here.

Windhorst is still around. Still working for (or with) Robert Hersov. Recently Windhorst wrote a bio about himself on a US business network portal called www.vator.tv.

You gotta read it. It’s an outstanding example of “selective reporting”. Not a word about his mishaps of recent years. Well, only this bit here. Which you should also read, because Windhorst says the Hersov family recapitalised Sapinda in April 2009, and appointed him as CEO of a subsidiary of the “new” holding company Sapinda. The subsidiary is called Sapinda Deutschland GmbH.

In his bio, I especially enjoyed the bits where he calls himself “Germany’s flagship of young entrepreneurship” and a “new economy star”.

Hat off to you, Mr. Thickskin.

PS. Somehow, I don’t think that’s what Rupert and Mandela had in mind.

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Oct 17 2008

Hersov’s headaces heap

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Robert Hersov, London-based member of the Hersov family * of Anglovaal fame, is facing a court order to compensate a German bank for losses suffered with share transactions totalling €234 million, reported Financial Times Deutschland (FTD) yesterday. Should the court decide in favour of the bank, Hersov might have to cough up over €100 million (R1,3 billion at today’s exchange rate). [Read on]

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Oct 17 2008

Robert Hersov takes another financial knock

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I published this story about Robert Hersov on my old blog on 1/8/2008. Yesterday he suffered another financial setback (or potential setback) in Germany. Read about his latest headace here, after you’ve read about his first one below.

[Read on]

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