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Feb 12 2009

Vintage Rudolf

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The creme de la creme: Rudolf Gouws.

Here is a voice worth listening to when it comes to budgetary and macro-economic assessments for South Africa. I especially liked the bit about “decoupling is a myth” and “the market shouldn’t expect things to pick up too quickly”.

He would have been an excellent replacement for Trevor (when Trevor joins his wife at Absa later this year).

Note: That was just a joke…I don’t want to start a new rumour now.

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Sep 08 2008

From first to last in 15 years

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First published on 25/5/2005 on my old blog

As a journalist in South Africa my two biggest and most pleasant surprises in the years between Nelson Mandela’s release and the 27th of April 1994 were the evolution in the economic thinking of the “democratic movement” (read government-in-waiting) and the incredible depth and quality of leadership in the movement. 

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