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Dec 10 2012

Religion’s place in the new South Africa

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As far as I know, the role religion played in the peaceful hand-over of power by the white minority in South Africa to the black majority in 1994 has never been highlighted in the media. Maybe, because the church (as an institution, with its functionaries) was in the bag of the apartheid government. And a story highlighting the positive role religion played would simply have been too contradictory to be credible. [Read on]

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Sep 19 2012

Marikana article: trick or treat?

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The Marikana wage saga in South Africa has a new, very interesting (if not scary) dimension: it seems as if vital background information on Cyril Ramaphosa’s role might have been leaked non-nonchalantly on September 5, in the form of a comment below an article on Politicsweb.co.za (here).

The comment was supposedly written by Arthur MacKay, a guy who calls himself an “analyst of global economic and political issue”. It looks like a rip-off of the mining journalist we all know, called Dave McKay, of Miningmx.com fame.

The comment (copied here) is worth a read. Even though the nagging feeling remains that we’re dealing here with a Marikana insider trying to “piepie” on Ramaphosa’s fire.

Is this South Africa’s version of the Prophet Mohammed film trick?

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Mar 30 2012

FTD article suggests SKA should come to SA

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A fantastic, positive, full-page article (including an interesting Karoo-with-telescopes picture) on the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) project appeared in today’s Financial Times Deutschland (FTD), just in time for the final decision by “the jury” next week on where the SKA should be built – in SA or in Australia. It’ll definitely bolster SA’s already strong chances of getting the contract.  [Read on]

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Jan 12 2012

Some have it, others not

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I’ve written (complained) before about the lack of entrepreneurial spirit among young South Africans, specifically when it comes to the internet.

At the time, some readers might have thought I was just being “old, negative and pessimistic”. But now, you all…read this and tell me honestly that South African students could do the same (when they are not playing rugby or chasing girls).

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Sep 14 2011

What EU can learn from South Africa

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German newspapers are full of articles on what might happen to the Greek economy should the country default on its debt and leave the EU. This is a good thing, since Greece will default sooner or later. What I find lacking, however, is that no-one studies the past for lessons on what Greece could/should do before and after the inevitable happens. [Read on]

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Aug 03 2011

SA’s property bubble – a rejoinder

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On 26 October last year I wrote about South Africa’s property market (here) and suggested the country was sitting on a huge price bubble, which is slowly and quietly being deflated by the party who caused it in the first place – the banks. [Read on]

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Jul 22 2011

South Africa’s investor-friendliness questioned

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South Africa got a very negative mention in the Financial Times Deutschland (FTD) this morning. The topic: the SA government’s intervention in private sector deals with foreign investors. The report speculates the international investor community might be close to the point where it strikes South Africa off its list of potential investment destinations.    [Read on]

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Apr 18 2011

Big, getting bigger

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Big already, but destined to be bigger still. Probably much bigger. In the big pond. A product of Cape Town and (I think) Stellenbosch. Proof that Stellenbosch is more than rugby. And women. And wine. Making waves in the German media and in German concert halls. Now living in Munich: Stefan Temmingh.

This dude is great. Check out his (many) videos on YouTube. For instance, The Gentleman’s Flute and Vivaldi. Wow!

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