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Mar 24 2009

SynthaSite changes name to Yola

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Vinny Lingham (and his investor?) have decided to change the name of their “build-it-yourself” online service called SynthaSite to Yola. The name-change will take effect in a few days. (Old address: www.synthasite.com and new address: www.yola.com.)  

This is why and how (from a blog post and e-mail sent to all registered users this morning):

We’re changing our name to “Yola.” It’s easy to remember and pretty fun to say. It comes from the Hindi word “jhola”, which means hatch – and hatching big ideas is exactly what you do at Yola.

Our new name Yola is about half as long, but contains 100% of what you know and love about SynthaSite. We’re the same company with the same team. You’ll find all the sites you built (at www.yola.com) and their web addresses are also the same.

In a few days, when you visit SynthaSite, our home page will have a whole new look. Don’t worry, you’ll be at the right place. 

Very good move, I’d say – for all the above reasons and more – and despite the flood of complaints already received on the SynthaSite blog. I thought SynthaSite was problematic from a typing point of view (word too difficult to type). Potentially dangerous?  Only if communicated badly. Here in Germany we’ve had a similar story two or three years ago (when well-known business network OpenBC changed its name to Xing), and it went off without a hitch (no loss in traffic or user support shortly thereafter), because the change was communicated well. I don’t think SynthaSite will be any less successful in the long term because it changed its name to Yola. To the contrary. 

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Feb 17 2009

Johann gives Vinny a lot more dough

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The life of an online journalist sure is easy. I just received this “open letter” to the (roughly) one million registered users of the website Synthasite in my in-box. It came from the Synthasite boss Vinny Lingham. I publish his e-mail in full. [Read on]

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